Toraja Sulawesi "White Eagle"

Toraja Sulawesi "White Eagle"

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A world class coffee grown on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi (formerly Celebes). If you enjoy Sulawesi coffee, you will love coffee from the Toraja region. Organic and shade grown.

Highly recommended.

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This coffee is grown near the oldest and original Toraja trees which can only be found in the remote Tana Toraja region of Indonesia. Many of these trees are original and date back more than 250 years. The coffee trees are fully shaded. The area is so remote that it takes as long as four days on horseback to bring the coffee down from the mountain. Though the beans are relatively small, they have a unique flavor not found in any other Toraja coffee. "White Eagle" coffee is kept completely separate from all other coffees as the crown jewel of all Toraja Arabicas. Only 300 to 600 bags can be produced each crop year of this truly superb and outstanding coffee.