We believe trading directly with the small farms not only provides you access to the finest coffee, but it also helps that farmer support and grows their local economy. For decades, financially stable countries have “helped” underdeveloped countries by giving them tons of free goods, (rice, shoes, clothes, etc.). None of these things have helped the underdeveloped countries climb out of poverty. In fact, it has made them worse off (see Poverty, Inc. below). The only way to truly help people climb out of poverty is to empower them to capitalize on their locally available goods and skills. Unfortunately, the most difficult challenge the people in many of these countries face is not being able to trade with the rest of the world. This is where World Trader Coffee comes in by trading directly with the farmers and providing them access to the global market. This is also why World Trader Coffee fully supports programs like Trades of Hope and Compassion International. In fact, a portion of every bag sold goes to help support these families all over the world!

As many in the world today move more towards self-interest, our faith tells us “The world will know us by our love” (1 John 4:7-12). Let’s all sit down over a great cup of coffee and find out how we can Love one another. For the love of people…and coffee!


Compassion intl.

What is poverty? - Poverty is not just a lack of money. It's about a lack of hope. This understanding is at the core of Compassion's holistic child development program.

To sponsor a child and partner with us to release children from poverty in Jesus' name, please visit the Compassion International website.



trades of hope

Women in impoverished communities around the world are forced to give up their children to orphanages to avoid starvation or send them off, unknowingly placing them into human trafficking. Trades of Hope is committed to preventing these atrocities by creating dignified jobs for women.

Every beautiful item that is sold is helping to change thousands of lives in 16 countries around the world. Please consider visiting the website and learning more.



poverty inc.

“Fighting poverty is big business, but who profits the most?”

One of the things the film looks at is charitable institutions and their role in fighting poverty. It questions whether aid institutions themselves are sometimes a hindrance to fighting poverty. The film features Herman Chinery-Hesse, Hernando de Soto and Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohammad Yunus. Also featured in the film are Bill Clinton and Bono.