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100% Arabica

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TTT100% Arabica

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World Trader Coffee is family owned and operated connecting you with great coffee from all over the world, and we want you to be able to enjoy all of them!

Every coffee is offered in both 12 oz and 6 oz bags with options for Whole Bean or Ground. If you already know what coffee you like, order a 12 oz bag and try something new in a 6 oz bag! We love sampling new coffees and want you to sample great coffee too. 

What makes coffee great?

  • High-quality beans from smaller farms in the finest coffee growing countries around the world.

  • Naturally drying the beans in the sun while hand turning them as needed throughout the drying process.

  • Hand roasting, fresh to order in small batches, allowing the day’s weather to play a crucial part in the perfect timing and temperature to ensure the beans are evenly roasted from the inside out.

  • Minimal time between roasting, grinding, and brewing.


What kind of coffee do we have?