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Premium Arabica coffee comes from three primary regions. Each regions unique flavors can be enjoyed at different times and in different ways. Don’t let the online “experts” try and tell you what coffee is best for you based on a computerized survey. Only you can determine what flavors will be best for you!

The typical flavors from the three primary coffee regions are:


Americas Coffee

Coffee from this region is typically Sweet, Floral, Cinnamon and Smoky, with Chocolate Caramel overtones!


African Coffee

Coffee from this region is typically full of Fruity, Earthy, Citrusy flavors with Winey overtones!


Asian Coffee

Coffee from this region is typically Earthy, Sweet, Spicy and Nutty with Chocolatey overtones and Lower acidity!



Coffee Collections

Can’t decide what to get? Try a collection from: Africa, Central America, Indonesia, Peaberry, Exotic Peaberry, South America and our World Traveler Collection!


Swiss Water Decaf

Our decaf is 100% Chemical free using the patented Swiss Water Process to decaffeinate our premium Arabica coffee.


Peaberry Coffee

Peaberry coffee by its very nature is rare as only 5% of all coffee beans harvested are in this form! A rare treat indeed and not always available. Try some while you can!


Premium Blends

Can’t decide between the single origin coffee from the three main regions? Try one of our eight Premium Blends our roaster has masterfully created. Some are unique to our most loyal customers!


Don’t just take our word for it. Even award winning barista’s believe in small-batch roasting to truly getting fresh coffee at home.


“Small-batch roasting is your best bet for trying to get fresh roasted coffee at home. The life of fresh coffee lives by a general rule of 15’s. Green coffee beans will be good for 15 months before beginning to lose the wonderful flavor notes it started with. Roasted coffee will be good for 15 days before it has off-gassed those flavor notes. Ground coffee is off-gassing even faster and is really only fresh for 15 minutes after grinding.”

J.M. - Award Winning Barista