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Coffee: Mexico Coatepec

“"I am sipping it now as l write. I love this coffee! I drink it after French Press Brewing. I also gift it to everyone when visiting their home for the first time. I ship this to Michigan to my son who brought it back for us when he visited Coatepec. I start every morning with this or your Costa Rica Peaberry or Guatemala Mocha. I look forward to trying many other flavors and origins. I will be taking a couple of flavors with me on vacation as my whole family enjoys your coffee too!

It is good to see you up and running, and l think the new website is very easy to navigate and it looks very inviting. Thank you for what you do; you improve my life every day."

WTC - Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. We love sharing the enjoyable experience of fresh, small-batch roasted coffee with people and REALLY love that you are enjoying it and sharing it with others too!

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you and happy brewing!



Coffee: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

"I recommend this product to anyone who takes coffee seriously and is looking to get the finest product they can in their pour-over carafe. I have been drinking pour-over coffee now for 5 years. I got started on it while living in Monterey California and visiting the small batch roasters who only prepared coffee that way for customer tasting. I have struggled to find product that could live up to the flavor profile and quality since I have moved - namely, Ethiopian coffee, for which I have a particular affinity.

I never thought I could get fresh roasted, superb quality coffee by any means since leaving California. I certainly did not think that such a thing was possible through the mail. Let me tell you: it is. The Ethiopian coffee is incredible. The packaging is superior with press and seal top to keep the product airtight. The aroma and color of the beans when first opening the bag is notably apart from other coffees and indicates the higher level of quality and foretells the tasting experience. 

When preparing this coffee, the thing you will most notice is the blooming effect when the hot water first hits the beans. I have not observed a more pronounced bloom in any other product, and I have brought back coffee from Hawaii, Peru, Paris and more. I have come to learn that this effect is a direct measure of freshness and quality - easy math.

The taste is what I have been looking for in vain for quite a while: overtly earthy, slightly bitter sweet, with long pleasant finish. The flavors are pronounced and clean. A lot of the Ethiopian coffee I get spikes in one dimension. Not this one. It is easily the best quality coffee I have had in 5 years. 

My family and friends consume this coffee and recommend it to anyone who is serious about their coffee and its quality."

WTC - Thank you very much A.T. for the review! We are very happy to have helped you bring fresh roasted coffee straight to your home and excited to know you are sharing it with your friends and family. Please continue to use your discount code emailed to you for all future purchases!


Coffee: Yemen Matari

"In looking for a new coffee I tried a number of 6 oz sizes. When the Yemen coffee was grinding I hoped that it would taste as good as it smells. My opinion of the first cup was an 'uh, I don't know' since the flavor was very different from anything I ever had. My taste for coffee leans toward the Kona coffees and some of the African peaberry coffees and I keep them on hand. The next day was the second time I ground and brewed the Yemen coffee and it really hit my taste buds. I knew this was the one I would order. I try to drink a different type of coffee every day of the week and the Yemen coffee is now my go to Monday brew. I am very pleased with World Trader Coffee from order to delivery."

WTC - Thank you R.F. for the kind review! Please use the discount code emailed to you for your next purchase. Since you love the Yemen Matari, please try our Mocha Java Blend (it has Yemen Matari in it!)


e.c. - arizona

Coffee: Celebes Sulawesi

"I enjoy this coffee very much and buy it three times a year. It is a great coffee with no bitter aftertaste and you can even drink it cold."

WTC - Thank you E.C. for the kind review! Please use the discount code emailed to you for your next purchase!

J.J. - Georgia

Coffee: Hawaiian Kona

"We ordered Kona and several other 6oz sample sizes. (The Sample Sizes are great for picking a favorite)! It was very easy to order online and came as promised! Thank you World Trader Coffee! We can't wait to place another order!"

WTC - Thank you J.J. for your kind review! Please use the discount code emailed to you for your next purchase!


M.S. - Georgia

Coffee: Various Types

"World Trader Coffee is fresh; roasted and shipped in one day. It is the highest quality I've ever tasted and competitively priced."

WTC - Thank you M.S. for your kind review! Please use the discount code emailed to you for your next purchase!