Don & jeff

We believe that coffee brings people together. That’s how this journey began. As brothers, we were always close. We grew up in Georgia and went to college together at Auburn University. We didn’t have much choice with that though since we were the 5th generation to graduate from Auburn. Like so many things in our life, our family found a place we liked, and we stuck to it.

After college, we were worlds away for over 20 years, one traveling the globe with the Marine Corps and the other climbing the corporate ladder. Two years ago, we came to live in the same town again. Shortly after, we founded World Trader Coffee together! Coffee is another one of those things you can’t shake.

Every morning we start our day with a mug. But, it turns out, for most of our lives we didn’t even know what we were drinking! Who knew coffee beans came out of a cherry, or that it matters if that cherry was ripe when it is picked, or whether it was washed or dried, or roasted in huge batches or small ones, or the difference between ground and whole bean when we bought it…?

We found out that all of these things matter; they just don’t ALL matter to everyone. One of us decided he likes “easy” too much to change the way he brews his coffee, but the fresh-roasted coffee subscription, delivered to his door (like his razor blades) was right up his alley! The other doesn’t shave anymore and enjoys every origin of coffee and brewing style available. Together, we found that the most crucial part is getting FRESH ROASTED coffee.