favorite brewing gear

These are our favorite pieces of gear for brewing fresh, small batch roasted coffee. If we were to sell these items on our website, we would have to mark them up to a point that would not be beneficial to you, so we will provide Amazon links instead. You can get a much better deal purchasing them through the Amazon machine!

We just want to give you some ideas on how to start brewing amazing coffee in your own home and not break the bank while doing it!


chemex 8-cup pot

We have loved using the Chemex coffee maker for it’s beautiful design, ease of use and especially how easy it is to clean up after brewing!


Chemex kettle

You can spend hundreds on beautiful kettles. We have tried numerous types of kettles over the years, both stove top and electric. At the end of the day, we love the Chemex kettle for its beautiful design, ease of use and knowing there will be no metallic taste to our coffee (yes, we noticed a metallic taste with the other kettles).


digital scale + timer

There are numerous options for you in the digital scale department. Our favorite (also Amazon’s Choice :) is not the fanciest but we love it for its simplicity and how easy it is to clean. The important thing here is to find a scale that will show your weight as well as a timer (to time your bloom).


hario v60 - single serve

For a single serving of coffee we love the Hario V60 line, especially this one in Olive Wood! It’s beautiful on the shelf and while you’re brewing your cup and it makes a delicious cup of coffee.


ovalware rj3 - 1.5l - cold brew carafe

We absolutely love making cold brew! If you have not noticed a pattern yet, for our family of four it is all about ease of use and how easy it is to clean up afterward! From our research, reading blogs and watching Youtube videos, we found that using the Ovalware RJ3 - 1.5L is the best way to do it.


Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle - Fixed Thermometer - 40FLoz

If we can not use the glass Chemex kettle we love this one from Coffee Gator. The fixed thermometer helps ensure you are at just the right temperature for brewing and the 40-FLoz is just enough for one pot of coffee.


Ariete delonghi conical burr grinder

There are numerous options for grinders and we have gone through our fair share. We started out with blade grinders and absolutely hated how ridiculous it was to try and grind a consistent size (not to mention the whole beans left in there!!). Initially we didn’t want to spend a ton of money on switching to a burr grinder. The first one was the least expensive but VERY loud (waking up the kids loud). We found the Delonghi Burr Grinder was not extremely expensive and not nearly as loud (think vacuum cleaner vs. jack hammer) and it is very easy to use and clean.



World Trader Coffee, LLC is not responsible for any of these items recommended on this page. We are only providing you suggestions and links to third party businesses that are selling the items on Amazon. If you decide to purchase these items via Amazon please contact them for any issues that may come up. Please do not contact World Trader Coffee, LLC as we have no way of correcting any issue you may have with the item (we are not even sure who sells these items on Amazon, we really are just trying to help you).