Mexico Coatepec

Mexico Coatepec

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  • Medium body

  • Buttery biscuit notes

  • Chocolate notes

  • Nutty

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The Mexican state of Veracruz sits along the Gulf of Mexico along the eastern side of the country. Although much of Veracruz is low lying, as you move inland the elevation increases toward Mexico’s central mountain range. Here, you have an environment that produces high-quality coffee beans. Our coffee comes from a mountainous region known as Coatepec and is highly regarded. Also known as an Altura (high) coffee, Mexican Coatepec has balanced acidity, medium body and hints of sweetness. An excellent breakfast coffee.

The Coatepec coffee district of Veracruz, Mexico, provides outstanding coffee beans characterized by medium acidity, a sweet smooth body, and flavor with a hint of nuts. Mexican coffees give you a truly clean and well-balanced cup.