Peru Tres Cumbres

Peru Tres Cumbres

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Peruvian Tres Cumbres coffee is grown in the Chanchamayo region at on the eastern side of the Andes and the upper Amazon River basin. A full bodied coffee, light acidity, and highly aromatic. Complex overtones range from floral to smoky.

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Peru has some of the best coffee growing terrain in the world. The sharp contrast of high mountain ranges, dense jungles, diverse microclimates, and rich soils combine to produce a consistently rich and excellent cup of coffee. The coffee is grown and cultivated between the highest ranges of the South American Ande, at about 3000 to 5400 feet over the sea level, and the mighty Amazon River basin. 

Unlike many coffee-producing nations around the world, Peruvian coffee farmers still adhere to strict traditional standards of cultivation and processing -- from hand-picking to sun drying to ensure superb hand-crafted coffees from th land of the Inca's. 

World Trader imports the premium Tres Cumbres coffee, grown in the Chanchamayo region which is arguably the best coffee producing region within the country. This is a complex full bodied coffee with floral, chocolate caramel and smokey overtones, a gentle and pleasant acidity and a crisp clean and bright aromatic finish.