Hawaiian Kona - Extra-Fancy

Hawaiian Kona - Extra-Fancy

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  • Smooth body

  • Superb aroma

  • Buttery richness

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Hawaiian coffee is graded on the bean size, uniformity and quality. The Hawaiian Kona coffee grades are labeled "extra fancy," "fancy," "#1" and "prime". As with all of our coffees, we only offer the very best a coffee producing country or region offers -- in the case of Hawaii, the Kona Extra Fancy.

Grown on Hawaii’s southwestern coast in the Kona region which is synonymous with the highest quality coffee in Hawaii for over 150 years. The rich deep volcanic soil and ideal climatic growing conditions, with sunny mornings and cloudy afternoons, provide perfect conditions for growing coffee.

Kona X-Fancy, a romantic cup of coffee, with a refined, smooth body, tantalizing aroma, and a buttery richness.   Overtones range from cinnamon to clove.

For a truly unique coffee, try World Trader's special Island Blend -- a premium mix of Kona X-Fancy coffee with Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee. From Hawaii's Southwestern coast comes our world class Kona coffee. A refined cup of coffee, Simply the best coffee on earth.