Sumatra Mandheling - SWP Decaf

Sumatra Mandheling - SWP Decaf

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This fine coffee originates from the Indonesian island of Sumatra. A rich heavy body, exotic flavor, and low acidity all characterize this spectacular, but rare, coffee. A SWP decaf coffee.

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Coffee production in Sumatra began in the 18th century under colonial domination, introduced first to the northern region of Aceh around Lake Tawar. Most coffee is produced around the Lake Toba region, in the subregions of Lintong Nihuta, Sumbul, and Takengon.

Sumatran coffee, though, is not usually sold by region. Unlike most coffees, Sumatra Mandheling is named after an ethnic group rather than a geographical region. The Mandheling are the ethnic group most often involved in coffee production in Sumatra.