Indian Monsoon Malabar - AA

Indian Monsoon Malabar - AA

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  • Full, rich body

  • Low acidity

  • Spicy complex aroma

  • Distinct flavor

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This unique coffee originates from the days of sailing ships. It could take months for coffee shipments from India to reach Europe. During the shipping process, the Indian coffee beans absorbed moisture, causing them to swell to nearly double the size and changed the color to a golden yellow. The coffee acquired a distinctly rich and mellow taste.

Today, this process is recreated by storing green coffee beans in specialized warehouses from June through September during the humid monsoon rain season along the Indian West Coast – hence, the name “Monsoon” coffee.

The best Indian coffee is usually grown in the states of Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamilnadu. The coffee is typically cultivated on terraces in mountainous areas up to nearly 6,000 feet in elevation.