World Trader Coffee brings coffee of the highest quality from around the globe to your cup. Simply put, World Trader Coffee connects you with great coffee and we want you to be able to enjoy them all! Every coffee is offered in both 12 oz and 6 oz bags with options for Whole Bean or Ground. If you already know what coffee you like, order a 12 oz bag and try something new in a 6 oz bag! We love sampling new coffees and want you to sample great coffee too. What makes coffee great?

  • High quality beans from smaller farms in the finest coffee growing countries around the world.
  • Naturally drying the beans in the sun while hand turning them as needed throughout the drying process.
  • Hand roasting, fresh to order in small batches, allowing the day’s weather to play a key part in the perfect timing and temperature to ensure the beans are evenly roasted from the inside out.
  • Minimal time between roasting, grinding and brewing.

Big coffee companies are focused on quantity from large farms and automated processing to maximize stockholders profits. In order to fully capitalize on operational efficiencies, these companies use large machines to dry and roast with automated settings that attempt to dry and roast the most beans possible. The automatically roasted beans are then bagged and shipped to retail shops where they sit waiting for you to purchase them. This whole process could take weeks or even months.

World Trader Coffee is focused on quality and zero automation to maximize the customers’ satisfaction of amazing gourmet coffee. Our roasting house has established strong, lasting relationships with smaller farms from the finest coffee growing countries around the world in order to acquire the highest quality beans.  These high quality green beans are shipped directly to the roasting house where they are roasted to order. Our highly skilled roasters closely monitor all of the roasting to ensure every bean is perfectly roasted from the inside out. Orders made by 9 AM are bagged and shipped out that same day!

At World Trader Coffee, we know it’s not just about getting some coffee. It’s important to feel good about the whole coffee process. Knowing the environment is protected when growing the coffee and the natural habitats for local birds are protected. Ensuring the small farms are getting paid fairly for the work of growing, caring for and hand selecting the finest quality red cherries from each crop, not just strip harvesting the entire crop. It is knowing you are getting those hand-picked beans in your grinder as soon as possible after they are hand roasted in small batches. What’s in your grinder?!

World Trader Coffee believes trading directly with the small farms not only provides you access to the finest coffee, it also helps that farmer support and grow their local economy. For decades, financially stable countries have “helped” underdeveloped countries by giving them tons of free goods, (rice, shoes, clothes, etc). None of these things have helped the underdeveloped countries climb out of poverty. In fact, it has made them worse off (see Poverty, Inc. below). The only way to truly help people climb out of poverty is to empower them to capitalize on their locally available goods and skills. Unfortunately, the most difficult challenge the people in  many of these countries face is not being able to trade with the rest of the world. This is where World Trader Coffee comes in by trading directly with the farmers and providing them access to the global market. This is also why World Trader Coffee fully supports programs like Trades of Hope

As many in the world today move more towards self-interest, our faith tells us “The world will know us by our love” (1 John 4:7-12). Let’s sit down over a great cup of coffee and find out how we can Love one another. For the love of people…and coffee!